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Thank you -- I am just confused about the Imuran. Basically I have two groups of vets with different opinions about using it for just the low platelets.

My regular vet and the vet that did the ultasound are recommending it. They have also asked other vet's opinions and they agree.

The emergency clinic where we took her is not recommending it. They said there is nothing in the literature that says you should use it for treating just the low platelets. They said they would e-mail the internal medicine vet and see what he thinks.

So, this is really confusing me and I don't know if I am doing the right thing now???

Yes -- she is eating very well -- I think they said that the prednisone increases your appetite so no problem with that. I also have some vitamins called vi-sorbits which I am adding to the beef and chicken stews that I am cooking. She is back to eating the Orijen dog food as well.
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