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Originally Posted by mickeysmomma View Post
when I can get my hands on them lol!!!
No matter what you decide to do with them, it would still be a really good idea to contact a rescue so that you can borrow a humane trap. Please don't try catching them yourself, even kittens can cause some serious damage to soft human flesh! Ideally, there's a rescue that can provide the trap, arrange for the kittens speutering and vaccinations, and assess them for adoptability.

Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
I am going to open up a can of worms here.
Not a can of worms at all, those are very valid comments. Perhaps their care can be shared with other members of the community, like the elderly lady that's already feeding them.

Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
However older kittens can also be socialized if someone is willing and able to put in the effort.
Ah, and that is the main issue really. Given the staggering population of feral cats in Montreal and the woeful lack of foster homes for those that are rescued, it's just not always feasible to put in that amount of effort. The older the kitten, the longer it can potentially take to reach a level of socialization acceptable for adoption. I think the Steri-Animal group has a 3 month cut-off (as in, kittens 3 months and under are socialized, older than that and they TNR). That's not to say that these 2 little ones, once safely inside and getting regular meals, won't have an "ah-ha!" moment and decide people ain't so bad. My fingers are crossed that this is what happens.

Anyway, mickeysmomma, I think if you can try to track down a group that's willing to help you by providing traps and access to cheap/free speuter, maybe they can also give you advice on your situation and help you decide what to do. Good luck! Let us know how everything turns out.
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