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I just went back and re-read your original post and the amounts and what you're feeding,,as erykah said it is super easy to just adjust what amounts of which to achieve the perfect poop..i did notice tho that you're feeding chicken legs,,,bones and all,,now this isn't a bad thing,,what you may be having an issue with is your little one still has baby teeth so he isn't chewing the bigger leg bones thus swallowing them whole. If you can either get a meat mallet or just use a plain old hammer,,smash the bigger bones up a little more it will be easier for him to chew and digest.

Erykah's suggestion of the digestive enzymes is a good one as is the pure pumpkin. If his runs are still going on at the moment mix some pumpkin in with his food or if that isn't helping,,increase the amount of bone for a little while..If you have a chinese grocers around you most will sell you just the chicken carcass,,also a great place to get most organ meats.
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