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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
I would still ask what their policy is regarding ferals. They may be no-kill, but often that "no-kill" moniker only applies to adoptable pets. Feral cats are not necessarily adoptable. Plus, the stress on a feral cat of being cooped up indefinitely can be very detrimental to their health and wellbeing, making them even less adoptable as time goes on. It's often kinder to TNR a truly feral cat than it is to send them to a shelter, even a no-kill one.

If they're friendly, yes that's usually the case. But if they are freaked out by people (and most ferals are) and there isn't someone (ie foster home) available to try to socialize them, then their adoption potential drops dramatically.
Very good points Sugarcatmom. Also, if this is a no kill shelter it is really putting the burdeon on them on making a decision on whether just keep for the sake of keeping or euthanize because they are feral. Very sad situation. There are organizations in the Montreal area that will assist in TNR....and in some cases it's free. (Though I would suggest a donation to assist them for future cases..(or rather daily cases)).
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