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Rope from hardware store safe for kitty?

Hi all.

This may just be me being overly anxious, but you're all such a kind and helpful bunch, I wonder if you might let me know if I have reason for concern.

My guy, General, tends to saw at string with his teeth, and I often worry he'll end up eating the string. I had wondered for some time if a length soft rope might be a better alternative.

Anyway, I happened to be given a length of this exact soft rope I'd been considering during a little knot-tying lesson today, and brought it home to see if General might like to play. He was all over it, jumping and chasing and pouncing and chomping.

Then he got a look like something was a little off. I thought that he might be getting ready to toss his cookies and figured it was maybe a little too much action right after dinner.

But then I had an awful thought -- do these ropes have chemicals on them? Could these ropes be poisonous for kitties? I mean, it's not a food-grade product. No one expects you (or any critter) to put them in their mouths, right?

Does anyone know? Does anyone have experience using rope like this to play with their kitties?

Sigh... I'm hoping it's just my over-active anxiety again. Any thoughts?


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