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Dog Peeing in Hose Questions. with Deatails!

I know that this one comes up quite a lot, but every dog is different so here it goes.

We adopted our (what the shelter said) Jack Russel Mix (He looks pure Jack Russel to is) about 6 months ago, he had a check up a few weeks after we got him and the vet said he is healthy as a horse (no pun intended). He is 2 years old by the way, we don't really know his history but curiously enough his chip was registered to an animal hospital before he went to the shelter, but they never answered there phone.


2 year old Male (yes Neutered) Jack Russel (Mix)

He has been peeing in the house recently, he did it a few times when we first got him and figured it was just because of a new surroundings, but now we are losing patience.

He is Kennel trained and NEVER has peed in his Kennel we don't keep him in there EVER for more than 4 hours but even in that four hours he wont pee.


When we are home and we take him out at the latest every two hours but within that two hours sometimes he will pee, right in front of us too... I don't get how he can go four hours (in his kennel) or 9+ hours at night, but when we are home he can't wait 30 more min.

We clean it up every time with natures miracle as to get rid of the smell.

We have given him treats when he pee's in the grass and praise him as well.

(on a side note sometimes he will also pee in the morning after we get up, my Fiance finds this extremely frustrating ((which it can be)) but I assume it is because he has gone 9+ hours without a bathroom break and that it is more or less our fault when it happens in the morning.) {but my main issue is the times he does it when its only been an hour or so since he last went.}

Thanks! Gordon from
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