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The poor kitten is terrified and is obviously very vocal about it.

I would separate her from the others for a few days to give her time to, settle down, then slowly allow her time to be with the others. Perhaps during their quiet time. Does each cat have their own "space" that they can retreat to? Each of my cats have their place that they sleep. Some like to be up high, others on the floor.

Mesha needs to have contact with others on HER terms. One idea is to sit on the floor with her favourite treats around you, don't make eye contact with her, and allow her to come and eat the treats. You can start with the treats being quite far from you, then bring them in closer. She will then associate your presence with good food. Once she is comfortable eating around you, then you can try giving her a gentle pat while she is eating, moving very slowly.

Good luck.
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