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Question Siamese cat behaviour problems. PLEASE HELP

We got a Lilac Point Modern Siamese kitten (Mesha) from a breeder. The breeder stopped breeding and sold all his adults and last kittens. Mesha and her brother was the last two left and he gave her to us for free.
The problem is that he didnít socialise his last kittens at all, he didnít have the time, thatís why he stopped breeding. So when we got her at 4 months (she is 8 months now) she was scared of us and all our other cats.
After a while she started to trust us and she tolerated all the other cats, except for one. She absolutely hates our 2, year old neutered Siamese male. He didnít do anything to her, but every time he comes near her, even within meters of her she totally freaks out and screams like someoneís trying to kill her!
That was fine, we could deal with that, she only had issues with the one. BUT now a few days ago we got a new baby Ė female Siamese kitten. From the time she arrived Mesha has become allot worse. Now she hates the new baby, she hates our neutered boy, she doesnít want any of the other cats to come near her, if we try to pet her she growls and runs away and if we try to pick her up she screams like weíre going to kill her and scratches us and runs away.
She is stressed and on the defence permanently and I feel so sorry for her. We love her very much, so getting rid of her, or any of our cats is not an option. We need a solution, ANYTHING!We need to know what to do to make life better for Mesha, our other cats and ourselves.

Kind Regards
(We have 6 cats in total)
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