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I ended up 'pig' sitting for a friend of mine. She bought a pot belly pig and then found out he was not allowed in city limits. They were going to remove him from her home so he came here since I live in the middle of nowhere, lol.

Let me tell you.. Oliver was a handful and then some. He loved to sneak up and bite the back of your knees. LOL Painful expecially since his little tusks were coming in. He also like to um... hump. Me mainly. He didn't do stairs at all, I had to carry him (he hated being picked up, and scream.. he had some good lungs ) and he didn't like to walk on the linoleum or hardwood floors because he would slip.

The playpen was his bed. LOL The sandbox was bought for him to use as a potty but he would hold it until I took him outside. So easy to housetrain. Notice he's staying on the carpet looking at the wood floor. He was trying to follow me. Everyone laughs at this pic because I have a pig in my rec-room and he looks so out of place.

Loved belly rubs. LOL

Definitely an interesting pet. Lots of work to keep indoors. Although I'm not sure i'd want a 250 pound pig inside. Oliver was almost 30 pounds at 10 weeks old.. so he would have been BIG. He was terrified of my dogs or I would have kept him and I couldn't put him outside since he would have needed a heated area for winter.

My friend had a hard time finding someone to take him that could provide properly for him, so he went back to the breeder. Just thought I'd share.
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