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Originally Posted by Becatsa View Post
Hi everyone,

I have a 15 year old GSP which has always been in great health and still runs like he's 8 years old.Unfortunately in the last 3 months i have noticed he has started to excesively lick all the hair off his feet. In the same time he has started to lose patches of hair which look very dry and itchy. I visited the vet and was informed to use a humidifier and was prescribed a a dry skin cream $500.00 later. I then visited another vet which prescibed allergie prescription which has not changed the situation. Now in the last 4 days his left nostril has started bleeding watery and as of today when he blows it out you can see stringy clots. I was informed this may be a tumor. Any help would be much appreciatted. In addition if anyone can reccomend a good vet in the Hamilton area which is more concerned about the animals they treat and not there income it would be of great assistance.

Thanks in Advance
Hi Becatsa,

I can't help with recommending a vet as I live in AB, or with experience in nose bleeds, but below are a couple of links to people who have had similar experiences.

I wish you the best of luck with your boy.

Please keep us updated!
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