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I have water loving kitties too. It is a "routine" in this house to have at least 2 or 3 race me to the sink in my bedroom bathroom and jump on the sink expecting water.
I really don't gives them extra, they still drink from their bowls as well. I did have circulating water fountains in 2 places but they still wanted the tap. I think it just amuses them.
What does not amuse me however, is one of my guys discovered that if he pulls open the vanity door under the sink and bangs it, it wakes me up and he can then ask for water...usually around 3 AM. I put bungee cords around the handles and problem solved.
There is a certain amount of mess when my long haired kitties drink their fill of tap water and then shake to remove the excess stuck on their faces. It does make a mess of the mirror.....but hey, they like it. As long as the 3AM requests have been prevented, I am happy to indulge I end up doing for all their whims!
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