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Dog stopped eating, dental problem?

This summer my dog was a jolly old girl of 13/14 but now we can see her ribs. She has gradually stopped eating and now doesn't appear to be eating at all! She has always been so eager to get some scraps but now when we give her something she drops it and looks up at us pitifully, no matter what it is.
We looked in her mouth and notice that all of her back teeth are missing so we switched her to soft rounds and tried soft food. She eats a bite once a day maybe not nothing more.

She has always been sort of a mutt (She's actually part red healer part cocker spaniel and probably something else) and would sometimes drag the worst things home. A couple months ago we went out and there were oyster shells all over the yard! We imagine it came from a neighbors or something. We wonder if she had been chewing on them and lost her teeth and maybe gotten a piece of a shell stuck in somewhere?

She's had quite a life and has a growing list of medical problems. She's terrified of the vet (she won't go in to anyplace that smells remotely like a medical setting) and frankly I'm a bit afraid of what they might say as well.

I was hoping I could get some advice on what to look for as far as sores and cavities or other things to look for. I can easily get her xrays and make sure it's nothing digestive but I thought I'd start from the beginning first.