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Cat obsessed with drinking out of the tap


My 2 year-old cat has always been water crazy. She used to play with her water bowl all the time and used to spill a lot of it on the floor. She even used to put her toys in the water bowl!

Anyhoo, she discovered a while ago that she could climb into the bathroom sink (yeah, she's a slow one) and now she only wants to drink water out of the tap. It kinda irks me a lil because she'll wake me up in the middle of the night so I can turn on the tap for her (although I only did it once and she's beginning to grow out of that habit). She also tends to make the sink messy because her feet always have some litter box left over on them. The thing is that she now refuses to drink water out of her bowl. I sometimes have to go out for long periods of time (12 hours or so) and she just won't drink any water till I get back. I've tried not turning the faucet on for her so she's forced to drink from her bowl (and I refresh the water in it for her as much as I can during the day), but all she's done so far is turn the bowl over and just spill everything.

Anything I can do to turn her away from the faucet and back to her bowl?

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