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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
There are conflicting views as to whether or not cats need/should have pain meds after spay surgery. Personally I have had over 60 cats s/n in the last two and a half years and none have had pain meds. Part of that is because I work through a low cost s/n rescue which does not supply pain meds as part of their service. Part of that is their belief that cats actually do better without pain meds because the ensuing pain from the spay reminds them they should not be as active as they normally would be. With pain meds they would not feel the pain and would continue to play vigorously.
^ This is 100% accurate, coming from someone who has teched on 10,000+ cat spays and neuters, you are totally correct. I have seen way too many animals get sick from the post-op pain meds that I would never even give my cats anything after a surgery other than maybe Tramadol. I used a 1 time Metacam shot with my kitty when she was getting her leg amputated, prior to the new warning labels, and at the correct dosage it made her comfortable and did not hurt her, but afterwards she was better off just working herself through the discomfort than being all drugged up and flopping all over the place and possible hurting herself.
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