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How old is your kitten AM?
Metacam is actually a pain med. Not an anesthetic. The other medication I have not heard of although I did just do a check. Here is a site with info about it... There is one line in it that I find a little concerning but you can judge for yourself and speak to your vet.
There are conflicting views as to whether or not cats need/should have pain meds after spay surgery. Personally I have had over 60 cats s/n in the last two and a half years and none have had pain meds. Part of that is because I work through a low cost s/n rescue which does not supply pain meds as part of their service. Part of that is their belief that cats actually do better without pain meds because the ensuing pain from the spay reminds them they should not be as active as they normally would be. With pain meds they would not feel the pain and would continue to play vigorously. You are/should be trying to keep kitty as quiet as possible after any surgery to help aid healing. I know that is very difficult with cats.
I am going to PM Dr Lee for you. He is our volunteer vet. Maybe he will answer before you get a chance to talk to your vet. Hopefully he can help set your mind at ease.
My biggest concern with your kitty is the diarrhea. Even if there is a lot of broth in her food it is still ok to add extra water for dehydration. Diarrhea in a cat can be life threatening. Notice I said can be. It does not necessarily mean it will be. Sounds like your girl is doing ok at this point. Let's wait to see what Dr Lee and/or your vet say.
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