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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
Well my kitties at my parents Catuary love tuna, they go crazy just with the smell. They eat cat food normaly, but sometimes they treat them with tuna or sardines and they go nuts all of them.

There is an island in a western state of Mexico populated by a lot of cats and they fish. They're feral cats and they fish from the river close to the sea.
But that is an unusual occurrence. Somehow they adapted to their environment.

Anyways yeah in the wild they don't eat fish, but all the kitties I've known so far (except Scully) love fish as in they go evil about it.

The levels of mercury are worth to give it a thought. Who knows what fish they use for the canned food, you're right about that.
I won't try fish with her anyway
That sounds incredible - I would pay to see that!! My cats can't even catch a stinkbug, let alone a fish - that would be so cool to watch.

I just posted a thread about my kitties shunning their food - they do the same thing as your kitty, they look at me like, "You want me to eat this?" when they've been enjoying it for weeks. I've decided to start a rotation of a variety of canned foods that they like, in the hopes that they won't get tired of their food so quickly. 14+ gave you great info - I was able to get my mom to switch her cat to a canned grain-free Wellness food because it was easily purchased in her local grocery store. My kids have tried soooo many brands - Tiki Cat, AvoDerm, Natural Balance, Innova EVO, Merrick, Nature's Variety Instinct, Weruva - the list goes on. It can be difficult to find a food that they're excited about, but if you get a few cans of good food and offer them to her I'm sure she'll find one she's excited about. Good luck!
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