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Originally Posted by Adventure_Me View Post

I have discontinued giving my kitten her pain meds to see if this helps with the Diarrhea.

She has been eating well and drinking quite a bit of water. I did look up the info on the meds like the one post showed but I think some of you are over reacting a little. She was only given 4 pills - she is to take a half a pill once a day for 4 days.

You can NEVER predict how a person/cat/dog's liver or kidneys will react to any meds. My sister died from prescription meds that were considered safe for humans, she started to react to them immediately . Her doctor should have told her to discontinue them, but he told to carry on, it wasn't the meds causing her digestive issues. Any side effects from possible meds should be taken seriously, they could be doing permanent damage

The info that one poster showed is for longer term usuage of the pills which I can see may cause the kidney/renal problems or even failure. I don't believe my kitten is taking enough to cause that type of damage but I'm not a vet. I will monitor her today/tonight and see if her not taking the pill today makes a difference. My vet is closed on Sundays and since it's Thanksgiving on Monday they are closed then as well. If my kitten seems to be in any type of distress I would certainly not hesitate to take her to an emergency clinic.

Thank for you input - have a great day.
Diarrhea in a kitten who is also displaying thirst can be a sign of kidney/liver issues. Kittens dehydrate very, very quickly and can go downhill within hours. Once they start to show signs it means it is very serious as cats hide their pain very well.
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