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Re: Kitten with Diarrhea

Yes she has been eating quite well and drinking water through the day. I think it's the 20mg of Tolfedine (pain meds) she has been taking once a day - (1/2 pill). I grind it up into a powder and put it in her food. On Thursday early evening when I got her home after the spay she seemed fine. She ate a little and drank some water. Friday morning I gave her 1/2 a pill crushed up in her food and then by late afternoon she had some diarrhea and again in the evening - and boy does it stink so bad lol poor baby girl. She literally runs to her litter box to make sure she gets in it on time. Saturday early morning she had more diarrhea and at one point she had no control and I saw some on her bum and I cleaned it off - it was a yellowish colour. She was fine after that until after she ate (pill crushed up again in the food). By late afternoon she had the diarrhea again which she controlled this time and later in the evening she had it 2 more times within about 10 minutes of each other. She seems good now (it's 12:45am) she's sleeping. There are 2 pills left for her to take (she gets a half each morning) last one she takes will be on Monday. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the diarrhea goes away after that. I'm just not sure if it's the eating after surgery or pills that is causing this.
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