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some dogs donít do quite as well as the bones compete with the digestion of the dry food. Gastric juices are excreted on the lining of the stomach and both foods, being heavy, gravitate to this area.
I haven't been able to find any research to back this up...I wonder why Lew Olsen didn't reference this comment to some research, especially seeing she has a PhD in nutrition, no?

Sometimes the kibble can block the digestion of bones. Basically the stomach churns and the 'heavier' bits go to the stomach wll to be digested. Sometimes the kibble gets in the way.
I've seen undigested bone in stool when not fed with kibble. What's competing with it's digestion in that case ?

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
I am inclined however to believe Lew Olsen since she has a PHD in nutrition.
I guess I'm a little wary of titles . She has a Masters in Social Work with a PhD in Nutrition (University of Texas), her specialty is canine digestion....but there's no veterinary studies at the UoT..I haven't found where she received this specialty from yet. Does anyone else know?

She could very well be right but I'd rather be safe than sorry until I've seen some research that proves otherwise .
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