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Thanks for the info. Right now, all foods are rotated or served half/half with another brand. Tonight he got a bit of Almo and a bit of Wellness Grain-Free with the slippery elm and probiotic. I do water down the foods to make them a bit more... gooshy... since he's teething and his gums hurt he likes it softer and more like a thick gravy than standard pate-style cat foods are already. I have the kibble here but haven't served it to him yet (that teething thing I mentioned).
He's a good drinker and a good pee-er. Not excessive, but not like some cats, who seem to get most of their moisture from their food and thin air... had one as a kid that no one ever saw drink and we often wondered if he actually did, since the level in the bowls never seemed depleted. But he lived to be 22 years old, so I guess it worked for him.. strange, though.

I hope Artie's teething stops soon.. I'm a human teething ring. I've found that he likes crunching on ice cubes, so I'm trying to get him to ease off on my hands in favour of ice.

Those cardboard scratchers are great. I'm trying to get him to scratch on the 5 of them that I have scattered around the apartment and not on the furniture.. he's a smart cat, but man, is he stubborn! He'll do it a bit, then leave it in favour of the chair, but will go back when redirected. It'll just take time. But I do like them. At $2 per, they can't be beat. I am going to get him a kitty condo fairly soon too, so we'll see how he takes to that. He really is a natural climber. He's not just a floor-level cat.

Had one odd thing happen last evening... the guy who delivers our softener salt arrived and since the softener is in my apartment, had to come in. Normally Artie is affable and outgoing to everyone... men, women, kids, dogs, cats, rats... he's Mr. Social. But this time, he took one look at the guy and literally climbed me, all claws engaged. He bunched himself up in my arms until the guy turned towards me to get paid, and then Artie launched himself off my shoulder and off under the bed. He's never reacted like that to anyone before. He wouldn't come out for an hour after the softener salt guy left. Gotta wonder what he was picking up on.
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