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All very good sound advice from Mastifflover. Just to put things into perspective, when I de-worm my dogs it costs approx. $5.00 to buy the de-wormer from my vet for my Miniature Pinschers, as apposed to $50.00 to buy it for my Bullmastiff. BIG difference for the same treatment. (done by weight)

Also, be aware that Bullmastiffs are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have the more pushed in nose bridge. Care must be taken when exercising these dogs, as they can have breathing issues and intolerance to heat. After about 20 degrees celcius, I decline to take my bully for walks with my other dogs, as it is just too hard on him. It takes alot of effort with all that body mass and they do better exercising moderately in cooler temps.

You must socialize this breed early on, spaying and neutering is important as this is a STRONG breed, you have no idea how strong! Actually it is not a breed to consider if you are new to dogs IMO, a Bullmastiff without the proper training and socialization can be an extreme challenge, and dangerous in the wrong hands.

My Bullmastiff "Ruben" is the sweetest, most loving dog you could ever meet. I trust him with most other dogs, and especially people. On the other side of the coin, a littermate of his attacked and killed a poodle, and she was humanely euthanized by my vet. She is shocked that such an aggressive animal came out of the same litter as my dog, seeing how Ruben is.

No matter how well bred, socialized, and trained a Bullmastiff can always have to remember that this is a very powerful breed that will not usually back down from a fight with another dog. As trustworthy as mine is, I have seen that if another dog provokes aggression with him, he will not back off...and this breed will finish a fight if there is one.

They tend to be more "people protectors" rather than property protectors (in my experience) My Bully will let anyone in my house or on my property, but I am sure he would take the head off of anyone that had bad intentions on me.
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