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I can relate to your concerns. I'm a vegetarian so meat already sort of bothers me, really only red meat and certain fish. I have weird OCD issues as well and the smell of ground beef cooking can set me off, so I understand where you are coming from.

I do not currently use frozen raw food due to my similar issues (I cannot deal with the frozen blocks/bags etc because handling cold things sets me off because I have lupus + the smell bothers me).. so it just ends up being a hassle. I wouldn't totally put it off if one of my cats really needed a raw diet.

I do use some really good grain free canned foods and my cats seem to do well on those I use Weruva brand alot. I know it's not made in the US, but I really do feel quite comfortable with the company. My cats seem to enjoy Wellness and Holistic Select by Eagle Pack as well.

They do make raw dehydrated foods. I don't know what other members opinions are, but they are becoming quite popular where I am. I've had horrible luck with them on my own cats, as they seem to be quite grossed out by most of the diets I've tried. I think the texture bothers them and there is not enough of a "smell" to it to entice them... but then again my cats are insane.

I hope this helps some
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