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Originally Posted by tillieplay View Post
I'm almost positive that is what she's on. She goes for a while not having any seizures, but when she has a seizure she usually has them off and on for a couple of days before she seizure free for awhile again.

The vet that originally did the CSF tap and diagnose the meningits/encephalitis put him on prednisone, but did not know how to treat meningitis so she had him on a very high dose for 2 weeks, then dropped him to a very low dose for 3 weeks. He had another seizure at the end of the low dose period. She apologized and said she had never dealt with meningitis and wasn't aware they need to be on pred long term. We decided to take him to a specialist who said you have to start on a very high dose then lower it by about 25% every couple of weeks until they are on the lowest possible dose to control the seizures, then they should remain on the steroids for a minimum of 6-8 months. Some dogs with steroid responsive meningitis have to remain on a low dose for life. Were hoping nookie monster isn't one of those dogs

I would say if your moms dog is still having seizures on the pred, she may not be on the right dose. The specialist told us that dogs are all different and it's really just trial and error with the dosing. She said as we're lowering it, he may have a seizure. And if he does, she will boost it back up a bit for a longer period then start lowering again.
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