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Thanks so much for the info.

When tested on September 24 -- the day after he started bleeding -- his platelet count was 35 and neutrophils were 0.35. His hemoglobin and hematocrit were 91 and 27 respectively, so just slightly below the low end of normal. Everything else tested was within the normal range, and he seems otherwise quite healthy; his coat is good, eye is clear (the one with the congenital issue tends to weep), he's growing and eating well, he's playful, etc. He was 20 weeks old at the time of this blood test, and he hasn't yet been fixed.

The thinking in giving him the steroids, as I understand, was to see if that helped in the case of it being immune-related. I suppose he could be on longer than two weeks -- we'll know more when we do the follow-up blood test -- but that's all we have so far. I'm bringing the stool sample for parasite testing in on Saturday as well.

They mentioned to us that a bone marrow biopsy was an option, but we decided to see how these meds and a follow-up blood test went first, because it's less invasive. Are there any other tests we should consider if this hasn't solved the issue?

Is there a product we can purchase commercially that would allow us to test his platelets at home?

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