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It is not odd at all about the smell of raw meat. I make my own homemade raw and it makes me feel absolutely nauseous when I make it, I hate making it, but do it because my cats thrive on it. Jasper has a loose stool problem with many cat foods and raw has really been our saviour (we always knew when he used the litter box ).

As for your vet saying raw is the last resort is very frustrating indeed. It is what your cat's digestive system is intended to eat. Some of their essential nutrients come from raw meat and are destroyed by cooking. In cat food, they have to add artificial amino acids after the cooking so cats can get all their vitamins. That's the same as our doctors telling us to eat processed food and a vitamin pill with it .

I guarantee you there will be nothing better than raw to get "some good growth on him". All my foster kittens are on raw and the vets can't believe the muscle mass these kittens have. They reach their 3lb mark to get spayed/neutered a month before other kittens. And I am not talking about one litter, I have had many foster litters. When I tell the vets it is the raw diet, they look at me like I have two heads , but the "proof is in the pudding" now isn't it

You don't have to make your own raw if it bothers you, Nature's Variety does make a very good frozen prepared raw.

There are some very, very good canned foods that are very high in meat protein:

Nature's Variety, Instinct canned.
Wellness, grainfree canned. The kitten canned is excellent food .
Evo (I have not tried this food).
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