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I asked my vet about raw diets, and it is still an option 'on the table' if nothing else pans out, but she did state that getting an appropriate nutritional profile and the correct balance of vitamins and minerals can be difficult to do on a budget and without extensive study and scrupulous attention to the nutrient values of the meats.

Given that I have a severe learning disability around numbers (Discalculia), and given that Artie was already undersized and underweight when he came to me, and both the vet and I want him to get some good growth on, feeding raw exclusively is going to be a last ditch option for now. I have started giving him bits of raw meat meant for my meals to get him used to the idea, but he's really ambivalent about it, though he really begs once it has been cooked!

My other worry with raw is that I am autistic, and certain textures and smells bother me a lot more than they do non-autistic people, part of autism called Sensory Integration Disorder. Basically, my nervous system misreports sensations brought in by the five senses and causes me to experience them at levels which are painful, nausea-inducing, or intensely irritating. The feel and smell of raw meat are two of those things that my nervous system misinterprets. I eat very little meat and usually get what little I do pre-cooked, pre-breaded, or pre-battered so that I don't have to actually touch the surface of the meat to prepare it for cooking. For me, the feel and smell of raw meat makes me vomit, triggers off my OCD hand washing thing, and sends me into a flurry of 'stims', mannerisms autistic people do in order to calm down a nervous system with an agenda of its own. I'm not the kind of person who eats sushi or steak tartare.. :/ I'd likely have to leave the apartment until Artie finished a raw meal, and he is not a fast eater.

It really is odd that raw meat is one of the few biological smells that really bother me. Most of my scent triggers are man-made stuff like perfumes, chemicals, tar, cigarettes, cosmetics, and most hair products. I'm not taking the raw diet option off the list of possibles yet though.. I've created work-arounds for some other sensory triggers before, and will for this if nothing else works.
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