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How to have a Christmas tree with a devil-cat that destroys...everything???

Hi All!

Geez, I go off and get married and come back to a totally different site.... Anyway, I will post a thread with wedding pics later on when I get home.

I'm already getting the holiday decorating itch...probably because we've never had a nice, large space like we do now. Never had the room for a tree before so it was a non-issue, but this year I desperately want to put up a tree for the first time. My concern is Rupert....

He is super smart and sneaky. Loves to climb. Is fat. Well, not literaly, but he is a big cat! He's also about as graceful as an elephant. And he noms everything in sight as if he's a dog!

How on earth can I safely put a tree up with him around??? Our house is totally open concept, so closing off a room is impossible. No idea how to pull this off. Even if I don't put up breakable ornaments, I'm still worried about him nomming the light wires or pulling the whole thing over on himself while he's doing acrobatics in the top branches.

Any advice??? He's not understimulated....has tonnes of toys that he plays with all the time, both on his own and with me.

It seems like a big risk, but I won't spend the next 15+ years not having a tree because of him! How do others with crazy cats manage this?
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