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Okay Mastiffs drool and I do not mean a little I mean a ton. Slingers (drool) get flung on walls ceilings your clean clothes, hair and everywhere imaginable. They shed a lot big dogs lots of hair, not sure about Bulls but English do and Neos don't. The vet bills can be double I realize Bulls are not as big but people do seem to think they are huge. For example Bud's ear infections cost meds 138.00 exam 60.00 the meds for example for a lab would be 60.00 so everything is more expensive. You will need to research a good vet not all of them are giant breed saavy for instance a mastiff can not be sedated with regular anastetic (sp) they require a different one as the regular one can kill them. They can have major joint and hip issues. They cost double to feed and I really mean good quality food to help avoid health issues. If you are planning on buying a puppy you need to know any reputable breeder will not have a puppy to sell you will need to be put on a waiting list. You will want to see both parents and the home and kennels where they are kept. All the health testing that they require you want to see the actual heath tests, not online. You will need to find out what the required health tests are I know eyes heart hips and there are probably more. If a breeder advertises in the newspaper or craigslist or kijjii run far and fast these are not breeders. I am not sure how much Bullmastiffs cost as pups but I can tell you a Neo or English will cost you anywhere from 2000 to 3500 depending on if it is show quality or pet. Please do your research read a lot these dogs are not for everyone you need to be a strong leader they can be very stubborn. They are loyal beyond belief and if you choose one and can deal with a life of never being really clean again (you will always have dog hair or drool on your clothes). Then you have found the most loving dog they also are a bit like velcro they love to be with there families. They can have a high prey drive also. They are not the dog for really active people Bulls are a little more active but they are not going to be your jogging partner, this is not good for there hips and joints short runs are fine but no long runs. There is a lot to learn about raising a giant breed from a pup different food requirements, the type of play no jumping off things etc. I suggest a lot of research which I have said before but really I do mean it they are not for everyone. I am personally addicted to them. I hope this helps. If you want to know more about rescue pm me
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