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KLM, I love the lachanalias too. The one you missed, because it flowered earlier, was this one - unless I put it in another thread? Lachanalia Quadricolor.

The latest thing to flower is the pale purple Honesty, a first for my garden. (And I mowed that long grass in the background yesterday. )
All my roses have buds on them and it will be such a shame if that locust plague happens. I reckon to save the rose bushes I could disguise them with white Derris Dust but that won't be very attractive for photo's. Locusts are mainly attracted to anything green, not white. Don't laugh .... no, you can laugh because I am, if white puts them off I have a lot of French chalk and potato flour that I used to use on my Sheltie's whites at the dog shows, I'd even use that to protect plants seeing I don't show anymore.

DoubleRR and Chris21711 - interesting about the zones there and I'm glad it allows scope for more variety in the gardens.
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