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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
You mean bacterial meningitis, Rgeurts? That makes a lot of sense. I guess a CSF tap is the only way to know for sure like with humans?

Yep, bacterial, viral, parasite etc. Nookie monster has a "sterile" menigitis which he was most likely born with and it isn't infectious. And his is steroid responsive, so we are lucky with that

They are calling his idiopathic and think he may have an autoimmune disorder that is something similar to Lupus in a person.

The CSF tap is really the only test to diagnose it short of an MRI. And even with the CSF there is nothing that tells them it is meningitis as far as I have been told, only that there are "markers" such as eosiniphil cells that would indicate swelling (for sterile meningitis)
If it's bacterial or viral, I believe that would show in the CSF tap.
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