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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
A question that comes to mind is, are your dogs related? And your mother's dog, is she related? The fact that both pups had seizures within two days of each other makes me think they may have gotten into something poisonous. Is there anything they could have gotten into? Cleaners, something in the garage/basement? Did you have a good look around (you might want to get on all fours)? What are they eating? Where do you store it? Do you know exactly what tests your vet did?

you get to the bottom of this asap.
They definitely aren't related. They came from different states. I've gone through the house and nothing is within reach of the the dogs. I don't even use cleaners on the floor, just a steam mop. They only have access to part of the house which is puppy proofed just for them. I've looked around outside. They aren't outside without me and I haven't noticed them getting into anything. They chew on leaves, sticks, and they get the occasional mushroom... but I haven't had mushrooms in my yard recently so I don't think it could be that.
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