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Exclamation Unusual Seizures

Hi! I have a 4mo chihuahua who is 3lbs. Two days ago she had a seizure. She was very weak, if she would sit up she would either fall to the side or her front paws would give out and she would fall forward, when she laid down her front paws would curve inward, and he entire body sort of wobbled. This lasted for about 3-4 HOURS. I brought her to the vet immediately the next morning. Her xrays and bloodwork came back negative and I was told to watch her over the next few days to see if another seizure would occur. So far she's been fine, but this morning my other chihuahua had a seizure! She is 10months old and abut 6lbs. I'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow. I'm not sure if it's because she's bigger than the other chi that she doesn't even try to hold herself up. She just lays there and looks dazed while she bobbles. Let me make it clear that neither of them "shake" they "wobble." Their noses were dry and ears straight back. I always thought seizure were NOT supposed to last more than a couple of minutes, but my mom's chi has meningitis and has seizures just like the ones I described my dogs having; however, the vet said that my dog definitely doesn't have meningitis. I guess I really want to know if seizures are so common in chihuahuas that all 3 chihuahuas in my family have seizures. Also, what could be causing these seizures if tests are negative? Could both dogs have gotten ahold of something and nothing show up on the tests? Please, my vet has me waiting to see if they occur again, but what can I do besides that... anything?
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