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Wow, wasn't Lukka a beautiful and impressive dog!

I can hurry this along where mine are concerned by showing 3 together now. Candy on the left, Shady on the right, and Beejay behind them. Candy was another pacifist, not a fighter and doted on our little Chihuahua, BUT blotted her copybook somewhat by being a potential cat killer. If cats were on the ground beside her she was watchful but okay, if you picked one up she'd want to kill it. Still earnt herself the nickname of Dolly Dog and was much loved.

Shady was my heart dog, I adored her and grieved for her for years after we had her pts at over 15 years of age due to a stroke. My first Ch. in the showring, never bred from after having had Parvo as a pup(despite the 6 and 12 week injection). A bit enthusiastic about guarding, and a bit of a troublemaker but on the other hand if she met a young pup she would make milk overnight, and she did once try to adopt a lamb. Best girl I've seen for making pups behave themselves , short of harming them.

Beejay, Candy's daughter. Another lovely natured girl, so much that she ended up with a string of crazy nicknames. Buzzy Bee, Fuzzy Buzzy, Fuzzy Bear. Never bred from. Both she and her mother died at 14 . Wish I could have them all back.
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