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Bailey, we had for 2 years. I learnt a lot from him and I am so happy that he got to spend his golden years having fun as a dog

Puppy Man, another that we only had the pleasure to be with for 2 years. He had many health problems and despite our best efforts he lost his battle with HD

Sandy, my first "rescue" of sorts. I had paid 2 beers for her at a bar off an alcoholic who would tie her outside the bar and sit inside drinking all day and night. He was abusive to her as well. After getting everything in writing and the bartender being witness to the sale I left with Sandy.
She was a great little girl and proved way too much for a college student. I had placed her with a very nice elderly gentleman who had just lost his Cocker Spaniel and begged to have her. He had her right up until the day she was put down due to heart failure. The nice old man had passed shortly after and a picture of his 2 cockers are on his tombstone.

I cant find a picture of Max my lab mix, but I will dig one up...

Here is my first dog Petty, she was a stray that I spend 2 whole days playing with and my dad finally felt bad for both of us so said we could keep her until we found her home. She was our dog for 16 years. Quite possibly the best dog ever that walked this planet. I miss this girl so much still it isnt even funny.
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways. ~John Wayne
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