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Well, the vet visit's over, and he sure has gas. His swollen tum is all gas. So she's put him on another course of worming meds and a 7 day course of Metronidazole. She wants him to stay on the probiotic and the salmon/crab/shrimp food I have him on now, as it isn't heavily processed, has no carbohydrate of any sort, and is very rich in Omega 3s. This food has whole shrimp, strips of crab meat up to 2 inches long, and chunks of boneless salmon that you'd typically see in a tin of salmon for human consumption. They also have a tuna/crab/shrimp version, and a duck/venison version. It also has added taurine and vitamins/minerals, so I know his body is getting what it needs to grow.

She was a bit concerned about the amount of gas and the turgid nature of his belly, but he made it VERY obvious that it was gas by cutting an enormous, long, loud, killer fart right when she was holding him. She said she even felt the gas move even through his abdominal wall and his fur. She had wondered about possible FIP, but he's too alert, energetic, hungry, and well-furred for that. Plus, he made it pretty clear that he's gassy as hell. She says the massage that I've been doing on his belly likely helps move the gas and to keep at it. And yes, he sure is teething.

I had another fecal sample done, and it came up negative for everything. I'm going to wait a week and have them do another sample, just to be sure. If that's neg, that will be three negatives, which I think we can trust.

We discussed possible allergies and possible irritable bowel. He got his boosters done. And he got admired, which he lapped right up. And he got his picture taken.

Alistair the rat had some lovely stoner drugs and got his badly misaligned teeth trimmed too... so all in all, $322.

And man, is he ever difficult to get a pill into!
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