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10 Month Lab with Moderate Hip Displaysia: Should I get a Total Hip Replacement?

My small female lab was diagnosed with moderate hip displaysia when she was 6 months old. I took her into the vet because she had a slight limp and that is how I found out she had it. Since then she has no real signs of pain or even having the problem. I don't think I would even know if it wasn't for the one time. She runs, plays and is a very hyper 11 month puppy! There is the odd time I can tell she is favoring her right leg or she turned it the wrong way...but other then that she is pain free and has great mobility. My issue is the vets are pushing for me to get a THR sooner rather than later. I am confused because she doesn't seem to have any clinical symptoms of HD. I did make the mistake of buying her from a pet store ( I know now what a puppy mill is....learned my lesson the hard way..but still love her lots!) The thing is the pet store has been really great about the whole thing and has paid for everything regarding her hip.(She gets cartrophen shots and HD supplements) They have offered to pay for the hip replacement which is about $6000.00 if I get it done in her 2 year warranty (by Feb 2012). So my issue is I have no idea what to do! Do I get the surgery even though she is showing no pain or issue with her hips? Or do I not get it and take the chance of having to get it later down the road and pay for it? I don't want to get the surgery just because it is free...but that is what my vet and specialist are saying! They are saying it will effect her one day and why not get it done when it is free! What would you do in this situation? Please no comments of the puppy mill issue..I am more then aware now.....just need to deal with this issue

Thanks for your help
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