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I think the length of the waiting list depends on how many times the breeder breeds, and how many pups are there. I am not sure... However, please make sure that you do the research about the breed AS WELL as the breeder, this will save a lot of heart and head ache in the future. I cannot stress this enough. I wanted a Jack Russell so bad... But upon further investigation I came to the conclusion that the breed was not right for me, no matter how much I adore it. The activity level, the prey drive... these were just a couple of things.

Some breeds are not for everyone and some are disastrous in first-time puppy owners.. (not saying you are one) but this is a large breed, and there are many possible issues that could arise, health and behaviour...

Good luck in your search and please keep us posted on your progress! And we wanna see the pics when you get a new addition to the family!
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