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When I was breeding and had 5-6 females, I just put down a big plate of food and let them sort it out. Funny thing is they all ate together, no one hung back. At the time I did have a really piggy neuter that would gobble down his own food quickly and then barge in and eat the girls' food too. I did have to feed him in a separate room, until the girls had eaten as much as they wanted and then I took any uneaten food away.

When I got my Devons, my boy developed an allergy to a type of food, so instead of eating off one plate, I fed them separately, about 5 ft. apart, as my boy was getting different type of food than my girl. After his allergy cleared up, got them on the same food, but still maintained the separate plates. My boy whose always trying to be dominant does often try and eat my girl's food first. Usually he'll move if I tell him to leave her food alone, but sometimes I lift him up and put him at his own food. Sometimes she goes after his food, so it's often tit for tat. Sometimes she tends to eat too much and was getting a bit chubby, so I've been trying to give her a little less, and she's finally down to a better weight.
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