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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Indeed not all will survive. But in the big picture, if this guy was a real bugger, none of them would.

In this case you must balance alternatives. He made the humaine choice in my opinion.

I am certain my response is not going to be popular, but I have seen what people will do with wildlife and in this case the person took the time to relocate and not torture.

I fully agree with you, BenMax. If he was that type of person (and I'm sure there are many like that), he could have done a whole lot worse to those squirrels. He does happen to love animals (has about 5 indoor cats that are well taken care of).

However, I still can't help being somewhat ticked off. We had a discussion about four years ago where he mentioned that he thought squirrels might be getting in his attic and at that time I suggested that perhaps some roof repairs were in order (it was already in a visible state of disrepair at that time). I realize that a new roofing job is very expensive nowadays and I can't pretend to know his financial circumstances but he is an able bodied man in his thirties and I'm sure he could have done some kind of repairs before it came to this.
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