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Neighbour has relocated some squirrels. I am concerned.

I was just told by a neighbour that some red squirrels had gotten into his main attic and he has been relocating them. Apparently there were some younger ones as well, not fully grown so obviously a family. He took them to a small park that is probably no more than a mile and a half away. This neighbour's roof has been in need of repairs and reshingling for years and I am not at all surprised that the poor squirrels were able to find what they thought was a safe haven in there. I implied to the neighbour that he would have been better to try to do something about his roof.

I am feeling quite concerned about what will happen to these squirrels now that they have being relocated. I suspect that not all of them will survive. I have seen squirrels gathering food in preparation for winter for the last couple of months. Now they will need to to it all over again as well as find or make suitable shelters for the winter with only perhaps as little as one month to go before the snow flies.

I am thinking about taking some nuts and sunflower seeds out to the park to help them along, but this is a public park where people and their pets go and I don't know where I could place them so the squirrels can find them in safety and they will not be disturbed. I will have to take a look at the park. It is quite small and I can't even remember if there are very many trees there or how big they are. I am also wondering if these squirrels will try to find their way back. Even though it is not a huge distance away I doubt that they will be able to do that.

NoahGrey and others, I would really appreciate your thoughts on what you think might happen to these squirrels as a result of the relocation and what I might do to help them.
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