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I just fed my three. Boo is the slowest eater. Audrey isn't shy, she'll try to stick her head right in Boo's bowl asap, which usually earns her a swat (although I normally just have to keep a toe handy to poke the little pest out of the way first ). Solomon on the other hand will park himself about 6 inches from Boo and stare and stare and stare. If it wasn't for the fact that Boo is undeniably "the boss" and Sol is undeniably her b-tch , another cat in the same situation could be intimidated to move. As for being interested in what's in the others' bowls...Boo ALWAYS will refuse to eat right away...she must see what the other two are getting first.

I could, like Frenchy, equate this to normal dog behaviour that we see here too. All three dogs could have an identical toy (frisbee, bone, whatever), but Heidi would much rather have one of the other two dogs' items; she'll steal Jaida's outright or wait for Gracie to look away from hers then steal it. Poor Jaida always loses her stuff this way. We'll be outside, playing frisbee, Heidi and Jaida will each have one (identical) and as soon as Heidi sees Jaida with one, she hip checks her and steals it. Brat.

I really wouldn't read too much into could be a dominance thing (staring, for cats, can be considered a challenge), a preference thing, a bratty-brat thing...but I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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