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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
L4H, you say Rose's dish is "only inches away" from Jasper's and Puddles. Maybe she thinks that's too close and by staring at them she's intimidating them to move away, which they do.
I have tried moving their dishes into another room and she follows them and still stares . She is just not the dominant type of kitty , she gets along with all my cats and has from day 1 , that's why I find this so confusing.

It sounds like a domination thing to me by taking over their food. Some cats prefer to eat by themselves away from others. So try and put Rose's dish in a far away corner from the others, and see if she likes that better, and leaves Jasper and Puddles food alone. For some reason she gives more respect to Sweet Pea, maybe because SP's dominant over her?
Oh yeah, you are so right, SP is the ruler of the house and lets Rose know who is boss. Puddles doesn't back down from her, hence why they fight
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