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I think the people who things like this are the cold hearted ones...

They don't give a D***N about anyone or anything..And they know it's going to get to the media...And they sit back and watch.

As Luba said,there are children who play in these parks..And we all know the little ones love to eat snow....And I know when my daughter Kyra was younger,she loved to eat snow.

As I'm typing and watching the news,a few kids also got sick.They are fine and back in school.Thank God.

Times have changed since I was a kid.Then when I had Kyra,I admit,I had her in a bubble.Only reason,long story short,a guy tried to take her 3 times right in front of me as I was talking to my friend in her driveway.Kyra was 4 at the time.Lets just say he got a nice blackeye from me.And thank got a cop car was out front.This B*****D tried to take 3 other kids.INFRONT of their parents.

My daughter will be 17 in March.And how much of a bubble can I have her in.It just scares the H**L out of me.
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