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It's a tough decision, I understand. We hemmed and hawed about it for months before finally deciding to take the plunge, and I can only say I wish we'd done it sooner to spare Jaida the discomfort we made her endure.

I really don't know what I would do in your shoes. If you're going to do a spay early (at 6 months) I think I might do the episioplasty then. It would mean only one surgery, one round of anaesthetic, one recovery period and it would be a little easier on your pocketbook. If you're going to delay her spay until she's mature (keep her under lock and key when she's in heat, male dogs will break down walls to get to a female in heat!!!) then you could just wait and see how she does. If it starts to really get out of hand with the vaginitis, or she also develops dermatitis, you might decide to get both surgeries done sooner. It really is a tough call. Maybe talk over the timing options with the vet a little more, or get a second opinion on how best to proceed.

Good luck with the little one!
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