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coonhound owner

I just adopted a coonhound cross - we think he is a coonhound/lab mix, but he definately has more coonhound traits. We adopted him from a shelter when he was 4 1/2 months old, he is now 9 months. We absolutely love him, he is super close to us and actually very calm indoors... but we make sure we exercise him a lot, take him to offleash wooded areas and long walks/hikes. Luckily, when we've taken him into the mountains hiking, he has not shown any want to take off, he is great offleash and actually waits for us to catch up, perhaps this is because he is not pure bred? Who knows, but thankfully he seems to want to stick close-by.

Anyhow, we too have discovered that coonhounds are not like retrievers, they are much more difficult to train - some sites say they are more stubborn and want to do things their way, so will fight you telling them what to do. However, with perseverence and a lot of work, they do begin to accept the household rules and will listen to you. I have had a much harder time training him than my boyfriend, as I think often it's more difficult for women to be the alpha than men. But I have persevered and he is improving every day. So that I have control over him on leashed walks, because he's quite strong now, I use the "gentle leader", it's works great! Otherwise he can pull me over easily. It also gives me confidence that I have control of him when he freaks out about things like squirrels and skateboarders. Dave (our coonhound) also barks a lot at strangers, I believe this is also a hound trait. I know that for me, I really need to work on being calm and assertive and making sure that Dave recognizes me as the pack leader. It definately takes a lot of effort, especially w/ hounds, but I'm improving and so is Dave and he's turning into a fantastic dog! We have worked on teaching him to heal, on-leash and off-leash and he is doing great - everything takes patience though, it doesn't happen overnight, it takes work. Definately put him in some training classes and even have a couple of one-on-one sessions with a trainer to address specific issues, this is what I did and it has helped tremendously.

Good luck!
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