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Made out like a bandit on Natura Deals...

but.... I'm debating whether or not I want to use all the free food I recieved When you have a ton of cats, free food is a good thing.

I ended up requesting a coupon on their website for a free bag, as did my mom, and so I got 2 6.6lb bags of Evo in the fish formula (about $23 a bag)

then because I had previously been using Natura products as my cats main diet, I had my frequent buyer (buy 12 get one) set up.. and the 2 bags I "purchased" went under the program and I ended up popping up for my free bag! So I ended up with a big bag of Healthwise (about a 26$ value)

Just out of curiosity and without breaking any rules, would you all still feel comfortable using Natura products? I set the bags aside to debate, just incase something happens ( a recall or something). Just being paranoid I suppose.
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