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Update from Kristi:
"Moose is out there, but we just don't know how to find him. We have had about 15 sightings along the logging road but all are from last week, none this week.
I have been begging the TV stations for coverage but so far they are not interested. I have really been trying hard but nobody is interested in covering this. Such a helpless feeling!! The local papers and radio here have been really helpful though and I have been on the front page and on radio but nothing has come of this yet.
I am even trying to find a tracking dog and handler that I could hire. I have left many messages across Canada and the US with no luck so far. If you know of any tracking dogs in BC, Alberta, Washington etc. that you could connect me with, I would be forever grateful!!
Please also see the Facebook page: "MISSING BOSTON TERRIER named Moose" where there are more details. Thanks so much."
9 year old Black & White Male Boston Terrier
Moose is greatly missed by his family in Nelson, B.C. Moose has been missing since September 13, 2010 near Touchstones Gallery.
Moose is a 9 year old neutered male and is micro-chipped. Moose has several identifying features and was last sighted Sep 14th on the Deer Park Road.
A REWARD is offered for the safe return of Moose. PLEASE call Kristi or Alex at 250-352-0542 or 604-762-5797 with any information.
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