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Is breeding possible after episioplasty?

Well...just as the title says...we have a very nice AKC black lab puppy who was born with this condition. We really wanted to have her bred when she is old enough. She has had two cases of vaginitis and appears to be getting a third one. The vet immediately suggested we have her spayed. When we questioned them, they said this would probably resolve the vaginitis issue....the told us that her vulva was too low and it would be next to impossible to have her bred. On our next visit I questioned them further to find out if there was a medical name for this condition. The only thing I could find about it on the internet was Inverted Vulva. She told me it was similar but she actually had Redundant Vulvar Folds and then explained what an epsioplasty was. She said this could easily be done at the same time as a spay. We got this puppy from a friend who breeds labs, and she asked another breeder friend if she had any experience with this problem. She pretty much blew us off and said that the dog hasn't even sexually matured and she will probably grow out of it. (No mention of having any experience with this condition or even knowing what it is). So we are just searching for anyone who has had experience with this and trying to find out if we are SOL or if there is a possibility of breeding her. it's a little disconcerting that this seems to be a learning process for my vet as well. Thank you for posting about your experience. If you have any suggestions about where we might turn for more information on this I would welcome them.

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Quick update:

I just uploaded an 8-month post-op photo on the photobucket, what a difference! I'd do this again in a heartbeat now that we know what the outcome would be.
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