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I'm in the camp that says that different people react differently to different animals.
What you might not be allergic to somebody else might be. If you do want to have a pet, and you or a family member are allergic, it's up to you alleviate the situation. This means spending time on grooming and maintaining the pet and the home.

My husband is allergic to dogs and cats and he is also an asthmatic. There was much discussion about the allergy reducing protocol that would have to be imposed in order to make it work for us.

We planned on getting a rescue dog but ended up with a pair of puppies. I use Allerpet weekly and I brush them every other day outside. There’s also anti-allergen shampoos on the market.
I also have a HEPA air filter running in the living room where they spend most of their indoor time. They are not allowed in the bedroom or my husband's office. Largely because the rooms still have carpet and partly because they're a mess

So far, the husband says that the allergies haven’t kicked in. They’re all over him, kisses and snugglies. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.
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