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I truly believe that some cats can get bored of their food, while others can't stand change, lol. Perhaps you have one that gets bored .

Here is some reading on cat food:

This one is more on the technical side of cat nutrition:

To make the best decisions, one must be informed and know the facts .

Canned food is best for cats, they have a very low thirst drive and should get their water from food, it is a much more efficient way to get water into them. Think about yourself eating cookies all day, then trying to lap up water with your tongue. I would think a person would be chronically thirsty .

So I would change her food to something that is more nutritious and one that she likes. Some good ones that I have fed to my cats are:

Wellness, canned, the grain free varieties (Jasper can't have grains)
Nature's Variety Instinct, canned (many flavours to choose from with this brand)
Organics by Nature (cat's weren't too crazy about it, but it is a good food)
For treats they get Almo (canned). It is pure meat so it is for treats only as it is not nutritionally complete. But all my cats go crazy for it, so it is nice to add for variety.
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